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Chiangmai Freshmilk

Dairy Product Manufacturing

Since 1992

“Over 27 years, we commit to continuously develop Chiangmai Freshmilk farm and factory to produce the high standard and quality milk for consumers.”



Start the business of dairy product manufacturing


School Milk

Programme of Thailand

Participate in School Milk Program


UHT Milk


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Chiangmai Freshmilk Farm

Start the operation of dairy cow farm Raise dairy cows with 8,000 breasts


Milk Exporting

Export dairy products


Milk Production 140 Tons/Day

Obtain 140 tons of raw milk a day Over 1,000 farmer households apply raw milk to produce pasteurized milk, UHT milk and “Lanna High-Quality Milk” products


Located at Banhong District, Lamphun Province, we own CHIANGMAI FRESH MILK Farm. It is the large dairy cow farm that we are committed to developing it to achieve the quality of international standards. It provides good management system and state-of-the-art technologies, integrated with the raising and feeding of dairy cow based on behavior and nature. Animal husbandry technical officers, researchers and veterinarians keep taking good care of them 24 hours a day.

Cutting-edge Automatic Milking System

We provide the most advanced automatic milking system in Thailand. CHIANGMAI FRESH MILK’s milking parlor has the most cutting-edge closed automatic parallel milking system in the country. Its design allows the faster milking where 64 cows are milked simultaneously. It takes only 10-15 minutes for the entire process of milking.

Green Farm

We change wastewater and animal feces to renewable energy for environmental conservation. CHIANGMAI FRESH MILK Farm is regarded as a green farm as it provides environmentally-friendly and ecologically-friendly farm management. All animal feces in the greenhouse are applied to produce biogas and compressed bio-methane gas or CBG which have equivalent properties to natural gas for using with automobiles, agricultural machineries, and electricity generators in the farm. Regarding the sediment, it can be used to produce fertilizer pellets.

"We pay attention to all production processes; the process of qualified raw milk selection at the milk collection center, fast delivery the raw milk to the factory, the process of inspection and quality control based on international standards. The entire production process makes Chiangmai Freshmilk’s daily products have freshness and unique, natural and delicious taste."

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